Coral Reef Care Tanks Aquarium

When shopping for fish, it might be tempting to pick the rare and fancy fish full of colors, and exotic looking shrimp or crustaceans. An aquarium full of marine life complete with a coral reef and aquatic plants is very appealing. After all, who wouldn’t want to have an underwater paradise in their living room? It may, not however, be the best choice for a beginning hobbyist. Coral reef aquariums require much more care than fresh water tanks or saltwater fish only tanks. Freshwater fish are usually hardier than marine species and therefore a little more forgiving when it comes to water acclimation. It is recommended that only experienced fish keepers with a real commitment to the hobby attempt a coral reef aquarium. A tank containing coral reef life may require several months of cycling before getting the water just right. The water in a coral reef tank must be regulated for lighting, temperature and ph. Start with tap water and then add a sea salt mix to the water. This type of solution is available at most pet stores.

Salinity of the tank should be between 1.023 and 1.004. Ideal temperature for a marine aquarium is between 75 and 79 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also important to test the P.H. of the tank. Ideal P.H. is somewhere between 8.3 and 8.4. Test kits can be purchased online or at your local pet store. They same store will also carry any solutions necessary to adjust the P. H. There is not much wiggle room when it comes to these specific staring points. In order to avoid a costly mistake it is important to be patient, watch the tank closely, and make sure that you don’t introduce any marine life until the tank is absolutely ready.

Once the aquarium is ready, start with anemones and clown fish. They are the hardiest of reef species, and who wouldn’t love to have Nemo swimming around in their living room? Monitor the marine life closely. Check the activity levels of the fish, and watch for stress. Stress is the most common cause of sickness in fish. Remember that these creatures may have come directly from the ocean, and it may take a while for them to get acclimated to their new home. Another cause of stress in fish is overcrowding. Make sure there allow about ten gallons of water per one inch of fish. Account for the full grown size of the fish, not the size of fish when it is purchased.

The incubation period for most sickness in fish is about thirty days. So after about a month, if all is well with the tank and the fish seem to be adjusting well, then it is okay to introduce some new marine life. A mandarin fish or a dwarf angel fish might round out the collection nicely, and they are fairly compatible clown fish. Whenever adding new fish, choose the species carefully for compatibility. The fish should be compatible with water specifics, but also make sure that their food source is compatible. Always remember to be patient when adding new fish. Give the existing tank members plenty of time to get adjusted before making additions to an aquarium. The best piece of advice is to do research. Make sure that all new purchases will be suitable tank mates for the existing creatures. With a little luck, and a lot of skill you will be on your way to having a reef aquarium that will impress any fishkeeper.

My Husband Asked For "Space." What Does This Mean? Does He Not Love Me Anymore? Is He Going To Leave Or Divorce Me?

Yesterday, I received an email from a wife who was in a bit of a panic.  Her husband had told her that he needed “some space,” and some “time apart to think.”  Although she did admit that the marriage had been on shaky ground recently, she did not expect this.  She wanted to know if this time apart business meant that her husband didn’t love her and if she could imply that he would be thinking about splitting up or divorcing if she gave him the space.  I’ll share with you how I addressed these concerns in the following article.

Why Husbands Need Or Want Space And / Or Time Apart: Every one’s situation is going to be different of course, but I do sometimes hear from husbands who have initiated this situation.  Many will tell me that they just need some time to themselves to clear their heads.  Sometimes, they are experiencing severe stress at their job or in other areas of their life (money is a common issue here.)  Some will even tell me that they don’t want to bring their wives down with them so they want to be alone to process what’s going on and then return in a better frame of mind.

Sometimes, there truly are grave problems in the marriage and they are trying to test the solo waters so to speak to see what the experience will be like. Other times, they are hoping that getting some distance from the issue will allow them to miss you and to realize that whatever problems between you can be worked out. 

But, there are always the husbands that are sort of trying to ease you into talks of divorce.  They figure that if they start spending time on their own, it won’t be as shocking or as painful when they start talking about more time apart – namely, a divorce. Of course, I don’t know your husband. Only you know the circumstances that surround your situation.  But, take a little time to try to evaluate the situation like an outsider and see if any of these scenarios ring a possible bell.

How To Respond To Your Husband’s Request For Space. Time And Distance:  Many wives will out and out refuse to let the husband go or will create a huge fight surrounding this issue.  The only thing that this does is to make your husband experience more negative emotions that he can ponder while he is gone.   Of course you don’t want him to leave.  I completely understand that.  But, telling him that he simply can’t go is only going to make you appear more negative and is only going to paint you as a deterrent to him getting what he wants.

A better tactic is to diffuse the situation and then offer up an alternative.  For example, you can concede that you agree that things are a bit tense, stressful, etc.  You can agree that a break from all of that is an alluring idea.  You can even stress that you too would like some time alone.  But, then instead, you offer to give him the space he needs without his needing to leave your home.  You can offer to go out with and spend a lot of time with friends so he can have some quiet reflection.  You could also offer to stay with family or friends for a few days.  (I know this doesn’t sound all that great but it’s better than allowing him to leave, because you know that YOU will come back. Can you say the same for him?)

Sometimes, the husband won’t go for these alternatives.  He’ll actually want to leave.  In this case, in my experience, you really don’t have a choice.  If you refuse to let him go, an already tense situation is going to escalate and he’ll see you as unaccommodating.  Even if you are successful in getting him to stay “this time,” the next time, it’s going to harder to reign this in.  In some cases, you will just have to let him go (at least for now,  for the short term only.)  However, try to arrange an agreed upon time for him to come home or at least for the two of you to meet up and discuss where things stand.  He owes it to you to report back as to how his “time alone” experiment worked out.

Make it clear that you’re not letting him go because you don’t care or because you want to misbehave while you’re alone.  There should be no doubt that you want to save your marriage.  However, it’s also OK to let him know that you’re doing this because you want to help him to get what he needs as you are his loving wife who wants him to be happy.  This is the best way that you could possibly paint yourself right now, but you must be careful not to be overly accommodating.  

You don’t want to appear that you don’t have a high degree of self respect.  Men do not find women who yes them to death or who allow poor treatment to be attractive.  And, right now, you must focus on appearing attractive to your husband.  Because at the end of the day, you want for him to miss you during his time away and to realize that he’s made a grave mistake that he never wants to repeat.

Unfortunately, I refused my husband’s initial request for “space.” This was a mistake because his next request was for a divorce. It took me a long time to undo this damage, but I was eventually able to. You can read a very personal story on my blog at

About Successful Relationships

Men and women relationships Related Guidepost

Many people looking for information about men and women relationships also looked online for successful romantic relationship, loyalty and commitment, and even worksheets on love.

Make the most of your reading by asking questions related to your topic such as these: how to write a personal ad, is he my soulmate and are men genetically programmed to be unfaithful.

What is it about successful relationships?

One day in the relationship couples will ask why do assorted relationships last while others do not. What is it about successful relationships will check out this very idea. Although no relationship is the same there are different familiar enquiries that couples should ask for each other to help out one another. This is primary seeing that we are all individuals as well as hence makes the relationship unheard-of. There are questions about successful relationships that many persons can relate to if they plan to answer them.

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For men in the relationship you more or less probably be attracted in what can you do to make your woman love you. Needless to say, you cannot make your woman love however this is something that has to be natural. Likewise, for women, you cannot make your gentleman love you however you’d be attracted in whether he loves you or not. To make someone love you by force will positively leave the one and only alternative of separation. So the way to approach your husband may likely be to ask yourself does he love me. Deep down you might desire him to love you as you are together.

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To be certain that he loves you or she loves you may possibly got to consider what she is doing for you or what he is doing for me? This is a safer bet than inquiring ‘do you love me?’ In more cases it is more easy to state ‘yes I do’. You both owe it to yourself to checkpoint each other as opposed to deceive self speculating that your better half loves you. Thence why not tactfully behold your spouses’ behaviour to you sometimes. Without a doubt then you will know obviously if the love is there for you.

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You Can Love The Founding Fathers And Still Think The Electoral College Sucks

Because of the unusual popular/electoral vote mismatch, partisans of losing Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton have called for abolising the Electoral College. Both sides have found support for their actions in the words and deeds of the Founding Fathers who created the Electoral College.

Examining the original understanding of a constitutional provision is the best way to figure out what it is, but looking to the Founders for advice on what the Electoral College should be is a mistake. Most everything in the Constitution has stood the test of time, but the method for electing the president was the Founders’ biggest error.

Because they fundamentally misunderstood the role political parties would play in our system, they created an electoral method that was completely incompatible with them. The Electoral College as originally devised was an epic failure by 1800. Amended shortly thereafter, the patched-up version has muddled along, but hardly represents any Founding Father’s clear vision of how things should be.

We must abide by its results for now because it is the law, but we should not wrap the Electoral College in the reflected glory of George Washington and James Madison. Its existence is a quirk of history based on an error. While there are good reasons not to have a nationwide popular vote, the opinions of the Founding Fathers are not among them. We should fix the system based on our knowledge, experience, and values, not on those of the men who built it wrongly to begin with.

What about Original Intent?

None of this is to say that the wisdom of the Constitution’s authors is without value. Most constitutional provisions are based on the liberal democratic ideals of the Enlightenment, ideas that still animate America’s body politic today. In the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the Founders bequeathed to us a blueprint for an enlightened republic, one that has endured for more than two centuries. But reverence for their ideas does not mean that the Founders must be elevated to the level of prophets. They were men, and men err.

The Federalist Papers are often the best window into the minds of the Constitution’s authors. In Federalist 68, Alexander Hamilton tells us that the method for electing the president (the term “Electoral College” is not actually in the Constitution) is completely uncontroversial, “almost the only part of the system, of any consequence, which has escaped without severe censure, or which has received the slightest mark of approbation from its opponents.”

This is, at best, an exaggeration. Just as the anonymous Federalist authors (Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay, who wrote under the joint pen name Publius,) defended every part of the Constitution in an effort to get the states to approve it, the Constitution’s anti-Federalist opponents attacked nearly every part of it. One anonymous author writing under the name Republicus (possibly Melancton Smith) penned a criticism of the Electoral College that is the same as those heard today: it removes the power of election from the people, where Republicus believed it should reside.

Is it then become necessary, that a free people should first resign their right of suffrage into other hands besides their own, and then, secondly, that they to whom they resign it should be compelled to choose men, whose persons, characters, manners, or principles they know nothing of? And…to intrust [sic] Congress with the final decision at last? Is it necessary, is it rational, that the sacred rights of mankind should thus dwindle down to Electors of electors, and those again electors of other electors?

Hamilton refutes this argument with the one some Clinton partisans parroted until November 8: that the electors exist to insulate the president’s election from the passions of the masses. “The choice of several, to form an intermediate body of electors, will be much less apt to convulse the community with any extraordinary or violent movements, than the choice of one who was himself to be the final object of the public wishes.” The electors were a conservative measure, in the original sense of the word. They are meant to ensure nothing crazy happens in the election of a president.

Looking at the world the Founders lived in, and the system they thought the Constitution would create, this makes a great deal of sense. Other than George Washington, there were no political figures of truly national importance. The danger of a popular vote in a still-disjointed republic was not that some radical would win 60 percent of a popular vote. If that were the case, radicals would likely carry the House of Representatives and many of the state legislatures. A populace that extreme would doom the republic regardless.

No, the problem the Founding Fathers feared was that in an election between a dozen local figures, one radical might prevail with 15 percent of the vote, enough for a plurality in a nation with no nationally popular figure to stop such bad ideas. It was not that they distrusted the people—the most powerful branch of the legislature, the House, was popularly elected. They only worried that a plurality could elevate someone unworthy.

Again, in Hamilton’s words, “[t]alents for low intrigue, and the little arts of popularity, may alone suffice to elevate a man to the first honors in a single State; but it will require other talents, and a different kind of merit, to establish him in the esteem and confidence of the whole Union, or of so considerable a portion of it as would be necessary to make him a successful candidate for the distinguished office of President of the United States.”

A nation without a ready supply of Washingtons would need some method of separating the wheat from the chaff. The Electoral College would narrow the field. In the presumably frequent event that no one candidate had an electoral majority, the House would choose from among the top five (in either case, the person placing second would become vice president).

This double insulation would ensure “that the office of President will never fall to the lot of any man who is not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications.” They did not suspect that parties—which they believed injurious to a republic—would quickly arise and remain with us until the present day.

Original Effects of the Electoral College

Clinton supporters have patted themselves on the back for not only reading the Constitution, but in analyzing it though the original intent of the Founding Fathers. That’s what Scalia would have wanted, right? As usual, they miss the point. The original understanding of the Founders tells us what the law is, but their intent cannot bind us as to what the law should be. The early American experience with the Electoral College shows us why this is so.

Washington’s justly deserved nationwide popularity delayed the problems of the original Electoral College until 1796, when he declined to run for a third term. By then, the nation had divided into two political parties, the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans, with former collaborators Hamilton and Madison finding themselves on opposite sides. Because there was no separate vote for the two offices at issue, the winner, Federalist John Adams, became president and the second-place finisher, Democratic-Republican Thomas Jefferson, became his vice president. The two were bitter rivals, the system’s first unintended result.

In 1800, Adams and Jefferson ran again as their respective parties’ standard-bearers, with an even more perverse outcome. By then, the party system was well-established, but the electoral system made things difficult. The Jeffersonians had a ticket of Jefferson for president and Aaron Burr for vice president, but they neglected to hold back one vote for Burr, which was necessary for him to finish second (the Federalists managed this, giving Adams a one-vote lead over his running mate, Charles Pickney). The result was a tie for first between Jefferson and Burr.

This error threw the election to the House, where many Federalists hoped to elect Burr instead of Jefferson, whom they detested. They remained deadlocked for 35 straight ballots until several Federalists, encouraged by Hamilton, abstained from the vote, which shifted the result to Jefferson. Only four elections in, and the Founders’ vision was clearly malfunctioning.

States and Congress Made Some Makeshift Repairs

The obvious solution was to amend the Constitution, which Congress and the states quickly did. The Twelfth Amendment became law in time for the 1804 election. It did not explicitly mention parties and nominations, but it clearly took them into account.

Now electors would vote for president and vice president separately, clearing up the major flaw of 1800. In the event there was no majority, the House would choose from among the top three finishers, rather than the five of the original text. Also, to avoid the possibility of a deadlocked House vote leaving the country without a president, the Senate would choose from among the top two vice presidential candidates, with the winner acting as president if no president would have been chosen by inauguration day.

Like a car that’s been in an accident, the Electoral College was never the same. The extensive body work of the Twelfth Amendment made things look good as new, but system still did not perform in the way the Founders had planned—as a body of learned men who would choose the best chief executive for the job. It was still a system based on a mistake, and the persistence of the parties made the Electoral College a source of problems for years to come. Those problems were not the Founders’ vision; they were the Founders’ mistake.

The cracks were showing again by 1824. Perversely, the problem this time was caused by the breakdown of parties. The demise of the Federalists after the War of 1812 left the Democratic-Republicans the only game in town, and four members of that party ran for president that year. Andrew Jackson (the sort of populist candidate who would have terrified Hamilton) led with 99 electoral votes, but fell well short of a majority. In the House, his enemies combined to swing the vote to John Quincy Adams, who had finished second.

The divide led to the creation of new parties, and the situation of having only one functioning party has never been repeated. That election also led to the first discussion of the “popular vote winner.” No one had ever been concerned with the popular vote for president, and in 1824 six states still did not even hold a popular vote, but Jackson’s partisans saw his popular vote plurality as further proof that he deserved to be president and that the Electoral College system had stolen victory from him (sound familiar?).

The division of the country into parties once more made the 1828 election a more orderly affair, and things went back to normal. Although several more instances of popular-electoral splits occurred before this year’s (1876, 1888, and 2000), the system generally meant that the same person won both votes. Each time, however, the losing party’s supporters have revised Republicus’s argument that the Electoral College deprives the people of something that is rightfully theirs.

The Original Dangers Still Apply

The Founding Fathers got a lot wrong in their vision of how we would elect presidents. Political parties formed and are not going away. As a result, electors are selected by parties and campaigns based on their reliability, not their judgment. Where they are not selected on that basis, as in the case of the 2016 Democratic electors from the state of Washington, the result is chaotic.

The faithless electors last year did not try to elect some leader of national prestige, nor did they try to follow the voters’ wishes. They tried to make a point. They threw a tantrum. In a system dominated by political parties, the best elector is one who has no judgment, only obedience.

But this does not negate the purpose of the Electoral College. In a pure popular vote system, it is easy to imagine the exact sort of chaos they feared. Look, for example, at the Republican primaries last year, in which 17 candidates ran. In a field that large, a candidate could easily win a plurality based on pre-existing fame and incendiary rhetoric. In fact, one did. Trump’s nomination was unchained democracy at work.

In a popular vote system, why would 17 candidates not also run for the White House? Now, third-party candidates have little chance because of the Electoral College. The last serious one, Ross Perot, polled 18.9 percent of the vote in 1992—and zero electoral votes. Under a system in which the Electoral College was no barrier, how many more votes would he have gained? And how many more would Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, or any even more credible candidate have received in 2016? It is easy to see how a popular vote system could result in a president being elected with 30 percent of the vote.

Other nations elect their presidents by popular vote, and the results are instructive. In France, for example, the first round of voting last time had ten candidates, with the top vote-getter receiving 28.6 percent. The French solve this problem by requiring a second round of voting when no candidate receives a majority, but even that can have perverse results, as in 2002, when voters’ only choice was between a center-right politician and a far-right (some would say fascist) activist. Those two candidates polled 19 percent and 16 percent in the first round, which means that the second-round candidates together were the choice of about 35 percent of French voters. This is no solution for America.

The Electoral College serves a purpose by narrowing our choices and making sure any successful candidate is popular across large swathes of the country. This, not the Founders’ vision, is the reason we should keep it. There is room for improvement—eliminating electors, for example, and having states certify their electoral votes directly according to the election results—but scrapping the whole system is no cure-all.

The debates of the founding generation are instructive, but they bind us only as to what the law is, not what it should be. For that, we must use our own judgment. That judgment should not preclude changes to the system, but it should include continuing to avoid popular election to the most powerful office in the world.

Kyle Sammin is a lawyer and writer from Pennsylvania. Read some of his other writing at, or follow him on Twitter @KyleSammin.

How to test and improve your psychic powers

Ever since you where a kid you felt that you are different, that you have special psychic power most of the people don’t have. Here are few tips that will help you enhance your psychic powers.

Focus on being a psychic –  Every day you wake up say to your self: “today I’m more psychic than yesterday”. This will help you believe more in yourself and develop your psychic self esteem, which is very important for the impression you make on the people who is seeking your help.

Listen to yourself – you can see, hear and vision things. You know that people might not believe you and even laugh. Don’t mind them, go in your way without letting anyone to disturbing you.

Don’t stop practicing and having psychic test. After each reading you can test if it was successful or not. The feedbacks you will get from people or event that you have predicted will help you to test the level of your psychic accuracy.

Be open minded – the only way you can keep develop and test your psychic abilities is by paying more attention to your surrounding, and receive those special vibes from nature that only you can feel.

Do daily meditation – it will help you focus more on spiritual level and increase your sensitivity. In this way you combine the center of the energies – body, mind and soul. The meditation will also help you to get away from distractions in your environment and focus more on the spiritual path.

Psychics have high level of energy in their body, Yoga exercise will help you to release this energy and spread it equally all around you. 

Developing your psychic powers takes not only time but also a different way of lifestyle. Therefore when you made the decision to improve your awareness, it also means to devote your self completely to the psychic world. 

Success in Golf and meditation. The same skills?

When we say to people that you need the same skills to be a
successful golfer as you do meditator it usually raises a huge
laugh. Golf and meditation are miles apart. Some often suggest
that in hitting the perfect Golf shot you need to be in a
focussed meditative state, but that’s as far as it gets.

What do you think?

I know. You think we’re crazy. But let’s look at the evidence.
Let’s just look at what’s needed to be a successful meditator
and you can decide whether the same skills and behaviour
patterns are needed to be successful in golf.

Meditation, at least in our experience is very rewarding but
extremely frustrating. We often feel that everything is great.
Our concentration is high and we feel really peaceful and happy
only to find the next day that we are back to square one and
cannot focus at all. Our thoughts are all over the place.

During meditation we invest many hours thinking about our
strengths and how we may improve.

We know that in order to be successful we must sit down and
practice every day. In fact, at least twice a day. We know, to
our cost, that we cannot afford to miss a practice session.
After all the more you practice the less surprises you get.

The key to success is our thoughts. If we can get our thoughts
right the rest will follow. If we can keep focussed on our
strengths and positive thoughts then we can access our naturally
peaceful and happy selves. To us negative thoughts are no more,
no less than waste thoughts. They are a waste of our time and
effort because they don’t produce anything they just take away
from us.

The feelings you get from meditation is so addictive that before
you realise it meditation becomes the key to your life and you
can’t manage a day without it.

Food is so important to maintaining concentration. When we eat
the correct food, food that is high in nutrients and vitamins we
perform better.

At the same time we must ensure that we drink enough water
because if we become dehydrated then our performance is
impaired. In other words instead of meditating we fall asleep.

The correct amount of Rest and Sleep are important because if
you skimp on either then you don’t perform. You cannot
concentrate. You cannot focus the mind. If your concentration is
high then you reap the reward. If your concentration is low your
mind wanders and sleep invades the space.

Meditation is a solo sport. Although, we can and do sometimes
meditate with a group. Although we can sometimes feel we perform
better when meditating with others. The bottom line is it is me
and my connection, me and my thoughts. It is not a team game
even though others appear to be doing the same thing.

But perhaps the most interesting of all is what makes us and
other mediators keep returning time after time.


People who meditate love the challenge of calming their minds.
We love the thought that it is possible to rid the mind of all
the rubbish and concentrate on our strengths. We love doing
things that test our skills. We love questioning our ability.
Meditation like Golf is the ultimate challenge because it has
not been beaten. There is no one who has completed the perfect
round. Although we all strive to be perfect, we are involved in
pursuing an activity where perfection is impossible. Therefore
it is the ultimate Zeigarnik effect.

The Zeigarnik effect: named after Bluma Zeigarnik, a Russian
psychologist is the drive within us to complete tasks. That part
of us that cannot stand the fact that something is incomplete.
Hasn’t been finished.

Both meditation and Golf are tasks that are, by their very
nature, incomplete tasks. They cannot be completed. There is no
perfect round. No one alive has reached that perfect state of
being. Thus people who follow Golf and meditation are drawn by
the fact that it cannot be completed. If it was possible to
complete then we would leave them and try something new.

Therefore we are addicted to meditation because we are addicted
to completion. The fact that we always leave our meditation
without reaching that perfect state of love, peace and happiness
makes us return to try again. To move towards “completion”.

Is it the same for Golf? Are you addicted to that perfect round?
Do you constantly return to the course to improve your handicap.
Are you in search of the “completion”.

We have many friends who have retired to perfect their golf.
Many of them now see their job as playing golf. Everything else
is secondary. They like us want to learn. We all want to
complete the task. We want to be able to say we have completed
the ultimate challenge.

Good Luck

Graham and Julie

Effective Music Teachers Resources And Tips: Students’ Feedback

Primarily, a music teacher’s task lies in the idea of effective and creative communication. Thus, credibility and reliability have always been an issue to academic institutions, their teaching and non-teaching personnel and even the student body.

Music teachers simultaneously motivate, inspire, and support their students through innovative music teachers resources. Whether these resources and tips are from the experiences of other teaching individuals, educators, academes or from the internet, what important is you are able to meet your goals and stay committed to your purpose.

When you make use of effective music teachers resources and tips, you are more likely to gain the interests of your students – encouraging them to love music more. As you become good influences and examples to them, they not just tend to love music as one of their subjects but they also have come to love you as their mentors and icons.

I have here a list of different feedbacks, compliments and even suggestions of the students when a group of music educators have rendered effective music teaching strategies and have executed creative activities.

• The students are able to cultivate their interest in music and realize their potentials through unique and creative activities regarding their music class and its programs.
• Such music teachers resources allow them to learn about other aspects of music which are not covered in a specific course outline, syllabus or private music lessons.
• Music teachers are able to encourage and give them such opportunity and exposure that they truly need to create and perform music creatively and independently yet effectively and promptly.
• Students are able to learn music as well as the significance of academic freedom and independence. Thus, cooperative learning has played a vital role in this manner since they are tasked to work collaboratively with their co-students and meet a common set of objectives.
• Creative activities, which seem unusual and innovative, have brought up fun and excitement among students – making them more interested, hooked and eager to learn new things and eventually apply them in real life.
• The enhanced program for music teaching has been remarked by the students as a way to boost self-confidence, establish camaraderie among classmates, and experience the fun of learning music – all at the same time.
• Such exposure to music technology and other relevant innovations have showcased more talents and have brought out the best in most of the students.

It really pays to regenerate more teaching resources and strategies that are more appealing to the kind of students we have in today’s generation. Maximizing resources and efforts, music teachers would then realize that music education could be the most rewarding experience.

How Do I Know If My Ex Boyfriend Still Loves Me? – These Signs Are Proof He Does And Wants You Back

After a breakup, if you still love your guy, you will be wondering, “how do I know if my ex boyfriend still loves me’? If he does there will be signs that you will be able to read and you should be watching for them. However, you do not want to let your emotions lead you astray. You will be anxious to feel that anything he does or says shows that he is still in love with you. So you will need to take care and not let wishful thinking be your guide. You want to make sure that what you see is real before you act.

It would be best to wait a while after the breakup, before you attempt to read any signs because a mistake could be embarrassing and ruin everything. So, proceed with care, try to keep a clear head and make sure before you act. With all that being said, there are some clear and nearly unmistakable signs that your ex boyfriend may give off and in doing so, he will be looking for encouragement.

Among these clear signs is when your mutual friends tell you that he has been talking about you quite a bit and doing a lot of reminiscing about the time you were together. He has also been asking about your dating status. This is a very good sign because if he was through with you, he would not want to hear your name and certainly would not care if you were dating anyone. Also the reminiscing shows that he cannot get you off his mind and is wishing for the old times with you.

After getting some encouragement from your mutual friends, he might test the water and send you an email asking how things are going with you. Do not appear too anxious and wait a few days before you answer. Make your email cheerful and chatty and mention that you had been to his favorite restaurant with some friends and thought of him.

This might prompt him to call you and ask if he left something at your place. If you know that he has left nothing at your place, it is a good sign that he called just hear your voice. Tell him you have not seen anything of his, but you will take another look and call him back in a day or two.  By calling him back, you will be opening a line of communication and soon he will be asking you to meet him for coffee or lunch. When he does that, you will not need to ask ‘how to know if my ex boyfriend still loves me’. The signs will be very clear that he does and you will have proof that he wants you back.

The Top 5 Free Typing Test Sites for 2009

A New Year has come on us, and again the search is on. Because of the rise in unemployment, many of us had to start looking into different careers or just improving on the skills we do have. If you’re like me, I really don’t have any money to spend on at least to improve my skills, so I had to figure out ways to be frugal and smart about this. For those of you who have typing skills and would like to enhance on it and use it towards your trek for your newfound job… I gathered up a few sites that may be able to assist you.  Just a note: I don’t provide any sites that I am an affiliate to or get any commissions by your inquiry. They are strictly recommendations upon my research. Here are the Top 5 Free Typing Test Sites that I have researched and recommend:

#1 RAPIDTYPING.COM  Editors Pick

Extremely fun way to learn how to type

This is definitely and Editors Pick! RapidTyping is a new fun, fresh, user-friendly site! This is an extremely entertaining method of learning to type, sharpening your skills and most importantly “without looking”!  There are plenty of screenshots for you to see just how the program works. The fish is hilarious! As I am typing now, I chuckle to myself when I think about the fish swimming by me as I am typing… Gotta see it. There is no usage limitation. You don’t have to worry about giving up your email or registration information. Here are just some of the features: 

Choose Your Keyboard

Moving Hands

Uses the simple and colorful interface.

Typing game

Progress Tracking

Make Your Own Plan

Make Your Own Lessons

There is a portable version.

Acceptable for children.

Multi-Language interface.

And Much More.

Again, the best thing about all of this; the software is free to download. If you would like to make a donation then you have an option to share your appreciation.


(Includes a free typing certification)

This is such a fun and busy site. If you are looking for a simpler site then this might be a bit busy. However it does give you a lot of resources to gain some or polish your skills. They offer a complete interactive method to learn to type. Learning to type has never been easier. They actually teach you with 2 keys at a time, followed up with a review of all the keys in the previous lessons. There are two timed keyboarding tests to choose from. An original Timed Typing Test is available which allows you to submit your speed to their real-time worldwide scoreboard. It looks pretty impressive. Although I am not the bragging type, it is great for the ego. The Typing Certificate Test allows you to print out a certificate with your name, and typing speed. Ok, and to save the best for last… I LOVE THE GAMES… They have quite a few selections of “typing” games for your pleasure and enjoyment perhaps. My favorite… is Spacebar Invaders. Strange creatures are wiggling their way down from space. Stop them by typing. The more you type the faster they get. Bonus points for UFOs! Love it, Love it!


(Gives both employees and allows the employer to test applicants directly from the site) is an honest, legitimate site with an official typing certification. You would first have to register (for free) yourself into the certified online testing site hosted by Expert Rating. You will have to then purchase access to the certified typing test with a credit card – which the certificate cost is $9.99 (not bad but could be lower). Once you are warmed up and ready to go, you can complete the full 10-minute typing test. You have three tries to get your best possible results. Once you’re satisfied with the results that you have chosen, [pick the results of your choice to be printed to the official certificate. That certificate will be mailed to you regardless of where you live in the world. Now just remember, just because these sites offer certificates, you must make sure to clear with your prospective employer of what typing documentation is acceptable.


(Generic site – but offers a free typing certificate)

Okay who is Mr. Kent? Well, I did just that… I searched the whois site and actually came across a Mr. Kent. I wont reveal the names but so far everything reads legit. The website has been around since 1999. Which in these days that is pretty good in my book. Usually the sites go away after awhile and never to be reborn; you know the ones I’m talking about… Mr. Kent was a former instructor at a career-training school, which apparently inspired him to assist his students by means of the Internet. He came up with some tools to help people like you and I to succeed in this busy and competitive business world. So after reviewing the site, there are HUNDREDS of tools and resources for just about everything you need (just to name a few):    

Ten-Key Test 

Ten-Key Tutor (ORIGINAL)
Ten-Key Tutor II (NEW)
Typing Practice
Typing Test (ORIGINAL)
Typing Test II (NEW)
Typing Test with Free Certificate
Typing Tutor (ORIGINAL)
Typing Tutor II (NEW)

And that is just the tip of all the resources that are available. You can download study tools, work at home tools, small business resources, recipes, the list goes on. You really want to bookmark this site. All in all, a Big Thumbs Up to Mr. Kent! I will continue to utilize this site.


Also includes to key testing and certifications

Learn2Type has definitely been around for a while. You can always depend on the site to be around. They have approximately 4,525,766 registered users! This year there are some new modules added and modified such as:

NEW – Typing Certification and Ten Key Certification are available!

NEW – Learn2Type for Kids – simpler and educational typing exercise content for kids!

NEW – Ten Key Test – 10 Key Numeric Keypad Test!

NEW – AZERTY & Dvorak Keyboard – lessons!

NEW – Education Resources – Find colleges online.

NEW – Teachers and educators, your students can benefit from Learn2Type for Schools – FREE!

Can’t say too much about the design of the site but the true materials is always there to use. Learn2Type is one of the leading FREE Web site that helps you master the skills of touch-typing. Whether you’re a beginning chicken typist or an expert, the skills test adjusts to your speed and accuracy. Therefore the better you get, the more challenging the typing exercises become. And if you get tired or need to get off the site, you can always come back and pick up where you left off. 

So there you have it. Have fun with your search, I wish you the best of luck and perhaps you’ll see my name on the top typing game roster (smile).

The Absolute Best Chat Up Lines to Pick Up Women

You probably already realize that not everyone is born a master of seduction able to deliver the best chat up lines with ease.You might require a little practice (and maybe even a bit of liquid courage) before you can attempt to test these lines out on a woman, but that doesn’t mean you can’t.

This list of the best chat up lines are a great way to show a confident sense of humor or even make your encounters with women more intimate. It all depends on what line you use and how you convey it. If you really want some awesome lines, I’ve put together a few of my favorites that seem to have the highest rate of success.

Best Chat Up Lines Example 1: “Shall we talk or keep flirting from a distance?”

This is a great line for when you see a cute girl that you’ve never met before. It contains underlying tones of “funny romantic.” Of course make sure you’ve made eye contact at least a few times before you use a line like this.

Best Chat Up Lines Example 2: “Hey, don’t I know you? Yeah, you’re the girl with the beautiful smile.”

This is a new take on the old and way over used, “don’t I know you” line. It’s simple and not so far-fetched that the girl would think you’re just playing with her. Best of all, this line is really honest so you should have no problem making her smile and blush.

Best Chat Up Lines Example 3: “Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?”

No woman can resist so much clever wit and cute romantic comedy in one potent package. Even when girls don’t believe in love at first sight, they can’t help, but love the obvious cute wit attached to such an awesome pick up line.

Even with almost no experience, you can learn to successfully use these best chat up lines to attract droves of beautiful women. As long as you understand the context of these lines and are willing to have fun learning, you’ll be set. With confidence and just the right attitude, I believe you’ll be able to sweep any girl right off her feet.

If you want guaranteed success with any woman anywhere, be sure to check out my Dating Blog for all the expert advice you’ll ever need.