Prostitute’s son claims to be Clinton’s love child, threatens lawsuit over DNA test – Deccan Chronicle

Washington: A 30-year-old man claiming to be former US President Bill Clinton’s love child has threatened to sue him unless he agrees to undergo a fresh DNA test.

“I am simply seeking the truth. I respectfully request DNA from President Clinton to determine paternity. I have had no response to my requests, so today I have authorized my attorneys.. to file a lawsuit in New York state to get… an order for a supervised test,” Danney Williams was quoted as saying in a Daily Mail report.

In order to garner Clinton’s attention, Williams had earlier opened a Facebook page with the name Danney Williams-Clinton. He claimed that Clinton had fathered him with his prostitute mother named Bobbie.

This is not the first time Clinton’s name has been associated with Bobbie. In 1984, Bobbie was interviewed by The Globe, in which she mentioned that she first met Clinton when she was 24-year-old and was in a relationship with him.

She said Clinton paid $200 to her for sex. Bobbie further added that she and Clinton regularly had sex — sometimes alone and sometimes with other female partners.

Eventually Bobbie got pregnant and claimed that it was Clinton’s child. She even confronted Clinton about it, but he refuted the claims.

In her interview, Bobbie said that Clinton rubbed her belly and said, “Girl, that can’t be my baby. But I knew it was. I just had this kind of woman’s feeling that this was his child”.

Bobbie’s son was raised by her sister. She even forced Clinton to take a DNA test and also spoke to his wife Hillary about it.

A DNA test was thereafter conducted but it failed to establish that Danney and Clinton were related. However, there are rumours about the authenticity of the tests.

In 2013, Danney himself gave an interview to The Globe in which he said that he wanted to meet Clinton face-to-face. He also said,”I’d like to have a relationship with Chelsea, too. She’s my half-sister.”

Has He Fallen in Love With You? 5 Love Signs He’s Totally Into You at Last

When a guy falls in love, it’s actually pretty easy to detect through his actions and gestures. Love does have many faces but you need to remember that when things start to get all serious and true, guys can be pretty much easier to read when it comes to their inner feelings. Falling in love may be overrated to you but when we all get bitten by the bug, we’re all defenseless and intoxicated by its venom. So if you’re still all wondering if he has fallen in love with you and find out the love signs he’s totally into you at last, then you need to be observant and keen of his following actions and things will absolutely be crystal clear to you in no time. Get ready to fall in love!

  1. He’s happier. He sees you and it instantly made his day. He’s obviously happier and definitely in a better mood if you’re the topic — he just can’t help it but get all jolly and merry when he’s in love (provided of course he’s seen signals you’re in love with him too).
  2. He’s always around. Especially if you need him — or just to hang out. He’s always where you are, it’s amazing. He drops by just to say hi and will try to communicate with you through text, email or phone every chance he gets. The guy is totally smitten.
  3. He makes you smile.Looks like you’re very much interested with one another. He’s so anxious in making you happy all the time and doesn’t want to spend a minute together without making you smile. Or simply put, he just wants to see you happy, period.
  4. He says so. He’s told you he loves you — or better yet, showed it in a million possible ways already. The three big words have already spoken and he doesn’t hold any inhibitions saying so at all. Although some men will find this awkward, guys who have said to you most probably mean it with all his heart.
  5. He lets it show. Most guys who are in love will not do things to conceal their feelings and practically do steps to make the woman they love see it too — or feel it too. He needs to be a bit more specific on this one — and it should only be you and you alone.

Is love totally in the air? Come on, girl, his signs are probably too obvious to ignore! If you want to learn new and effective skills on how to know if he’s in love with you plus more techniques about anything and everything about men — start on with your confidence, attitude and mindset. Everything else will follow.

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Signs That Your Boyfriend Does not Want to Be With You Anymore

As women we have a distinct advantage when it comes to our relationships. We tend to have insight that men just do not have. That's why we are often aware that something is amiss in our relationship even before our guy confesses it. It may be something subtle that he has or has not done or perhaps he's said something that has made you feel that things have changed. Regardless, once you get that nagging feeling that he's on the verge of breaking up with you, it's almost impossible to get rid of it. He may tell you that everything is fine and that you're just imagining all of it, but your heart tells you differently. If you feel that things are not heading in the direction you want within your relationship, do not ignore that. There are signs that your boyfriend does not want to be with you anymore that you need to be aware of. If you spot these in your relationship you know that you need to do some dramatic damage control before you lose him forever.

One of the signs he does not want to be with you anymore is he'll spend less time with you. That seems straightforward enough but many men are masters at coming up with believable excuses for why they can not see you. They may say that work has suddenly taken a turn towards busy or they have a sick friend who is relying heavily on them to help with day-to-day tasks. Men like this tend to have a list of excuses that seem completely believable however at the end of the day it all adds up to him spending less and less time with you. If he is not putting seeing you above everything else in his life, that's a sign that you're not that important to him anymore.

Another of the signs that your guy is pulling away from you is he'll be less attentive to you in person and on the phone. When a relationship is going well the man will be quick to pick up the phone when his girlfriend calls regardless of who he's with or what he's doing. When that shifts and he rarely answers or never returns voice mail messages, he's definitely losing interest. The same can be said for the time you two spend in person. If he's in a rush to leave or he's checking his phone every few minutes while he's visiting with you, his interest is elsewhere.

If he's stopped telling you that he loves you, do not take that as a sign that he's feeling secure and comfortable within the relationship. The opposite is more than likely the case. When a man stops sharing his feelings it's because he's no longer feeling them as strongly. You can test this theory by telling him that you love him. If he changes the subject or says a simple "me too" that may be a sign that the love he did feel for you at one point just is not there anymore.

Source by Gillian Reynolds

Love or Lust? Discover the Signs That Someone is Falling in Love

How do you know if someone has really have been shot with cupids arrow with signs that someone is falling in love or just having a romantic illusion? Use these 10 signs to tell the difference between love and lust..

When you are falling in love and your partner shares the same feelings you experience positive emotions; like trust, happiness, and joy. Love does not come with negative emotions like anger, shame, guilt, and control. Here is the top 10 signs of someone is falling in love:

1.) You see your partners imperfections as what makes him/her unique

2.)Your partner brings out the best parts of you; he/she makes you want to be a better person.

3.) You know the worst parts about each other and it doesn’t change the way you feel.

4.) You think about the way your actions will affect him/her.

5.) You don’t need to test his/her feelings or loyalties.

6.)You don’t notice others as much

7.) Other priorities take a backseat

8.) You have stopped thinking about ex-relationships

9.) You find their quirks charming

10.) When you see your future you see them in it and plan your future together.

When you are deciding if you have been shot by cupids arrow and are in fact in love remember “love at first sight” is just for the movies. True love comes with time after the excitement and exploration of the new relationship wears off. It is easy to confuse the lust and passion of your new relationship with falling in love because the usual signs are so similar. When you are in the lust stage you can’t stop thinking about your partner, you get butterflies when they are around, and you believe anything is possible when you’re together. This usually lasts about 6 months and then reality hits, when this happens; a lot of relationships end because they confused true love with an illusion. These are the signs of someone falling in love.

It doesn’t have to be this way; if you pay attention to the signs of falling in love you will be able to tell the difference between reality and illusion; discover more ways to know if you are in lust or love with this FREE REPORT!


Bill Clinton’s self proclaimed love child Danney Williams to sue for DNA test – Daily Mail

The man claiming to be Bill Clinton’s abandoned son has threatened to sue the former president unless he submits to a new DNA test.

Danney Williams has long claimed that his prostitute mother, Bobbie Ann, met Clinton when she was working on the streets of Little Rock, Arkansas, and that he was the result of their multiple alleged sexual encounters. 

The 30-year-old’s claims garnered international attention in 1992, as then-Arkansas Gov Clinton was gearing up to run for president.

But a DNA test, reported by a tabloid during the 1990s, stated that Williams could not possibly be Clinton’s son and eventually the story was dropped. Yet questions remained about the accuracy of the test. 

On Wednesday, just an hour before the final presidential debate, Williams held a press conference where he announced he was planning to file a lawsuit against the Clintons in New York unless Bill agreed to submit to a new test.

‘I have compelling reasons to believe I am the son of former president Clinton,’ he told reporters at a Las Vegas hotel.

‘I am simply seeking the truth. I respectfully request DNA from President Clinton to determine paternity. I have had no response to my requests, so today I have authorized my attorneys.. to file a lawsuit in New York state to get… an order for a supervised test.’  

Scroll down for video 

Danney Williams (left) claims he is the biological son of former President Bill Clinton (right) 

On Wednesday, just an hour before the final presidential debate, Williams (center) held a press conference where he announced he was planning to file a lawsuit against the Clintons in New York unless Bill agreed to submit to a new test

Williams insists that the timing of his announcement – just moments before Bill Clinton’s wife was due to take the stage for the final presidential election – was not an attempt to damage the Clintons.

He said he had not been in contact with the Trump campaign or received any money from them to make the press conference.

Williams said he had been seeking a paternity test for his entire adult life but it was only now that he could get the press coverage.

The father-of-five said that he was demanding a new DNA test because, while he admits he submitted a sample for the 1999 test, he says the analysis had been inconclusive.

According to the Drudge Report, Star magazine had conducted the paternity test using the DNA analysis from the Kenneth Starr impeachment report which reviewed analysis on a semen stain on Monica Lewinsky’s dress with Clinton’s blood sample.

Williams insists that the timing of his announcement – just moments before Bill Clinton’s wife was due to take the stage for the final presidential election – was not an attempt to damage the Clintons

Williams, pictured with his mother, has threatened to sue the former president unless he submits to a new DNA test

Star’s 1999 report had compared that analysis with samples from Danney and Bobbie and concluded that Clinton could not be the father.

But Slate magazine reported that it would be impossible to determine whether Clinton was Danney’s father with the ‘imprecise’ data.

Slate argued in 1999 that the paternity test, because it was based on the limited analysis provided in the Starr Report and not a new DNA sample, was inconclusive.

The magazine stated that the FBI actually performed two genetic fingerprinting tests on Clinton’s DNA but the Starr report had only provided data on the less specific of the two tests.

In December, Danney started a Facebook page under the name Danney Williams-Clinton, and has been posting several comparison shots between himself and Clinton in order to show a resemblance

In 1999, the Drudge Report published a story claiming that Star magazine had conducted a DNA test and found that the two were not related, but there remains questions about the alleged test’s validity  

Now, Williams has revealed he plans to sue Bill Clinton to order him to provide a new DNA sample to determine once and for all whether the former president is his father.

‘I would love a DNA test to be done,’ he said last week, adding that he had never taken the test reported by star magazine.   

‘All my life I’ve been told Bill Clinton is my father,’ he added on Wednesday.

‘Everywhere I go, people say this is Bill Clinton’s son, he looks just like him. All I want to know is where I come from.’  

Williams, who goes by the name Danney Williams-Clinton on Facebook, was brought up by his aunt Lucille Bolton, because his mother was constantly in and out of prison when he was growing up.

The Globe interviewed Danney’s mother, Bobbie Anne Williams, in the 1990s, who told the story of how she allegedly met and began a relationship with Clinton in 1984.

She says Clinton went out for a run one day in Little Rock, when he jogged by her housing project and introduced himself to her. She was 24 years old at the time.

A few days later, Clinton allegedly jogged by the housing project again and paid Bobbie $200 for her to have sex with him behind some bushes.

After that, Bobbie says that she and Clinton regularly had sex, sometimes alone, sometimes with other female partners.

Danney’s mother, Bobbie Ann Williams (right), says Bill Clinton paid her for sex on several occasions in 1984, around the time she became pregnant. When she gave birth to her son, she says she knew it was Clinton’s because of her son’s light skin tone. Bobbie claims Clinton was the only white client she had at the time

Eventually, Bobbie became pregnant and she suspected that it was Clinton’s child.

But when she told the governor, he allegedly laughed in her face.

‘He rubbed my big belly and said, “Girl, that can’t be my baby.” But I knew it was. I just had this kind of woman’s feeling that this was his child.’ Bobbie told The Globe.

She became even more sure when she gave birth to the baby boy on December 7, 1985, because the boy’s skin tone was so light. Bobbie says her son could only be Clinton’s because he was her only white client at the time she got pregnant.

Shortly after giving birth though, Bobbie was imprisoned, and Bolton started taking care of the young boy. 

Bolton is said to be the first person who tried to force the governor to take a DNA test, and reportedly spoke about the matter with Hillary herself.

When the governor’s office began shutting her out, a local activist took up the cause and started spreading a flyer about the matter titled ‘The Hottest Thing Going: Bill Clinton’s D*** Will Keep Him From Running for President of the United States of America’.

Bolton said she once took Danney to the Governor’s Mansion in Little Rock in a bid to confront the Clintons but they were chased off the grounds. ‘There was a car coming out of the front gate, right. When the gate swings open, I ran up in there and ran behind the gate.

At the time, Slate reported that it would be impossible to determine whether Clinton was Danney’s father with the ‘imprecise’ data

‘When I got to the door, I asked for (Hillary) and the door was slammed in my face.’

She said ‘two big old guys’ came from round the side of the mansion. ‘I went running and jumped a fence, got the hell out of there,’ she said. 

Williams says he has ‘no doubt’ he is Bill Clinton’s son and said their relationship was ‘common knowledge’ as he grew up in Arkansas. 

‘Everywhere I went, they pointed out: ‘It’s Bill Clinton’s son right there. You look like him, don’t you? The ears, the mouth, the chin, the teeth, the eyes, the nose’. I see him in me.

‘You can see a black Bill Clinton. When I’m brushing my hair I can see Bill Clinton with waves in his hair.

‘I always feel bad about him not wanting to be in my life. Was it because I was black? Was there something wrong with me? Why do you not want to be a part of me? It made me even think of sometimes suicide.’

In a recent video uploaded to YouTube, Williams said that his family would receive ‘seven $100 bills’ each month by mail, but it all stopped when Clinton became president. 

‘They were delivered to my home by state troopers. So I felt he was trying to be a part of my life. And then when he became president, everything stopped.’ 

Danney’s mother claims Clinton laughed at her when she told him that she believed her son was his 

Williams claimed to have had several near-miss attempts to speak to the Clintons. He once went to hear a speech Bill was giving at his presidential library in Little Rock but arrived too late. Just this year during a campaign stop he said he sat front and center as Hillary spoke, but she left immediately afterwards so he didn’t get a chance to speak to her.

‘I put myself right in front of the podium where she spoke. She was looking right at me — eye contact. I was thinking she knew who I was.’

What made it even more galling was the fact she spoke about meeting members of the Black Lives Matter movement and how she felt for them.

‘It made me wonder. She says black lives matter, so why I don’t matter to her?

Williams contrasts his hardscrabble upbringing with that of Chelsea Clinton, who he calls his sister.

‘In 1995 when my father was president of the United States, the state of Arkansas put us in foster care,’ he says in the nine-minute video. ‘I lived in foster homes.

‘It made me feel horrible because I know his child, Chelsea, was well taken care of and we was house-to-house, hungry at nights.’ He said he dropped out of school in 11th grade to work in a donut shop to support his brothers and sisters.

‘To know that my father was the president, it hurts. Try to imagine that your own father refused to love you, refused to say that you exist. Knowing who my father was and he was so close, yet so far away made my part unbearable.’

Love’s Test

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How to Handle the "Guy Pull-Back"

Oh, the “guy pull-back.” Some of you instantly know what I’m talking about while others may be scratching your heads and thinking, “Huh?” Trust me, you ALL know what I’m referring to. But in the interest of starting off on the same page, here’s the basic definition of the “guy pull-back”:

When a man, who pursued you in the beginning, eases up on the pursuit.

At its most benign, the “guy pull-back” will include (but is not limited to) the following behaviors:

– Calling (a little) less or not calling for a couple of days at a time.

– Wanting to see you (a little) less than he did in the beginning.

– Being (a little) cold, distant, or aloof.

– Acting (a little) less enthusiastic and certain of you and/or the relationship.

In its more extreme form the “guy pull-back” may manifest itself in one or more of the following ways:

– By completely blowing you off.

– By disappearing for a week at a time.

– By saying things like “I need space,” “I’m not sure how I feel,” and “It’s not you, it’s me.”

– By putting forth little to no effort in sustaining the relationship or moving things along. Basically, he checks out.

Handling the “guy pull-back” can be one of the most frustrating and scary things a woman deals with in her relationship. And, unfortunately, our natural instinct is to “come closer” to our guy. I say “unfortunately” because that is the exact opposite of what you need to do. (And, more often than not, doing what comes naturally will have a disastrous outcome.) So here you go. Here’s how to handle the “guy pull-back”:

1. Minimize it – One of the basic relationship principles is the slower things go in the beginning, the less your guy will pull back. You know how I’ve told you that it’s important not to be with your man every minute of the day? Why it’s essential you don’t give up your own life in order to spend time with him? Why you need to put the brakes on how often he wants to see you and to sometimes say “no?” How crucial it is not to jump every time he asks? Sisters, THIS is why. By being just outside his reach and just a tad hesitant, you create HEAT. You create burning desire. Nobody likes things that are too easy to attain; especially men. When he has to work a bit to attract and sustain your attention, when he’s allowed the opportunity to miss you, that’s when he’s much less likely to pull back. So, in the beginning, your job is to stay cool. Let him initiate calls, texts, and dates. Let him pursue. And stay busy with your life so that seeing him too much isn’t even an option.

2. The sex factor – After sex, most men will pull back to some degree. In a way, it’s a bit of a test. He’s probably wondering if you’re going to act like most women before you and get all “girlfriend-y” and “relationship-y.” Again, if he has to WAIT a bit, has to work for it a bit, the less he’s likely to pull back. No matter what, after you have sex with a man for the first time, your job is to act like nothing’s changed. You don’t start calling all the time (or answering all his calls on the first ring). You don’t get clingy or needy. You don’t ask for reassurance about where you stand or where the relationship is going. You stay calm. You act no differently. And this will usually prevent the “post-sex pull-back.”

3. Don’t push him into pulling back – With the way many women behave these days, it’s no surprise men pull back. You’re not going to win his heart by baking him cookies, posting sweet words on his Facebook wall, or buying him things. In fact, the more you “give” in the beginning, the more he will pull back. The same goes for telling him “I love you” first, trying to pressure him into a relationship, or attempting to move things along quickly. Let HIM be the initiator. Let HIM be the first to say “big words” to you. Let HIM be the one to secure a relationship. If you push, he may indeed acquiesce. But I’ll bet that, in the not too distant future, you’ll have a boyfriend whose interest begins to wane. So what SHOULD you do? You should reciprocate. You should react. You should respond. Men need encouragement and positive reinforcement. But let him lead.

4. Be encouraging, not smothering – It’s entirely possible your guy may be in pull-back mode through no fault of your own. Perhaps he has a work deadline looming, is dealing with a disappointment or setback, or is trying to handle a crisis. If so, and everything is otherwise on track with your relationship, you’ll know this. Why? Because he cares enough about you to tell you about it. Sure, he’ll probably still need his space; his own time to deal with it in his own way. I think it was John Gray in his book “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” who called this “going into the cave.” Your job is to let him. Men are often poor multi-taskers. They have trouble handling several big things at once.

So here’s how you deal with the “crisis pull-back” – let him know you care and then let him handle it himself. Say something like this: “I know (or I’m sorry) you’re dealing with/going through ___.” I’m here for you if you need me.” And then you leave him alone. Depending on the circumstance, I might be hesitant to even ask about it again. (Use your own best judgement here.) He may indeed pull back for a bit; go “into the cave.” Allow him his time and welcome him back without reproach when he returns. And never force him to discuss his “feelings” with you. If he wants to, he will. And he’ll be much more likely to do so if he doesn’t feel pressured.

5. Don’t believe the myths – When your guy is pulling back, you’ll know. You’ll feel it in your gut and will just sense that something is wrong. Don’t make the mistake of listening to well-meaning girlfriends who may say things like “He’s just busy” or “He’s scared.” Here’s the truth: Men make time for what is important to them. If he’s smitten, he won’t go days without contacting you. It doesn’t matter if he’s sick, swamped at work, or studying for exams. No guy is too busy to send a quick text or to make a brief call to a woman he cares about. And men don’t usually “get scared” because they feel intensely about us. Sure they “get scared,” but it’s usually because we’ve scared them away. So identify the pull-back. Call it out (in your mind, NOT to him please) and don’t make excuses for him.

6. When he pulls back, let him – OK. Here it is; the crux of what we’re talking about. You know his interest is lessening. He’s still calling, but not as much. He still wants to see you, but is less enthusiastic. He just seems…distant. Things just seem…off. You’re not sure why, but you do know that he IS; that they ARE. So what do you do? Let’s first start with the converse, with what you DON’T do. You DON’T move closer to him. You don’t ask “What’s wrong?” or “Are we OK?” You don’t start baking cakes or writing him poetry or buying him gifts. You don’t initiate calls and contact. You don’t make plans with him or ask him to meet your family. In fact, you stop all of that. You pull back, too. I like to say this: If he wants space, give him the galaxy. Be busy. Be hard to get a hold of. Go back to being just outside his reach.

You are friendly for sure. You are cool. You aren’t mad, hurt, or disappointed. (OK, you probably are, but letting him know and getting angry with him will do neither of you any good.) But you let him know loud and clear – WITH YOUR ACTIONS – that his behavior is unacceptable and you aren’t the type of girl to sit around waiting for him. And you certainly don’t want to reward his bad actions with attention (either positive or negative). He doesn’t call multiple times when he says he will? Guess what you do? You go out with your friends and don’t return his call for a day. (Or better yet, wait until he calls again before answering.) Game playing, you say? Term it however you will. I like to think of it as showing a man how you will and won’t be treated, in a language he understands.

Generally speaking, men don’t respond well to women behaving all emotional and pressuring them to reciprocate. They don’t like to answer questions such as “What’s going on with you?” and “Why are you acting like this?” What they DO respond to is the fear that they may lose something important to them. Show him just how important you indeed are. And the way you do this is by giving him space, pulling back as well, and allowing him the opportunity to miss you. Pressuring him or even giving the illusion of heading towards him will cause him to shrink back further, and very possibly disappear altogether.

7. If he’s seriously pulling away, let him go – Here’s the “guy pull-back” in its extreme form. Basically is the “pull-away” or the “pull-out” and you’re just a quick step away from a “break-up.” If he’s continually canceling plans, consistently choosing everything else BUT you, and making all kinds of effort to distance himself from the relationship – then, girl, we have a problem. If he’s saying things that allude to him not feeling the same about you or is telling you directly that he needs time to think things over, then you need to let him go. It will come as no surprise that the LAST thing you want to do is to try to convince him to stay. Discussing things at length or attempting to negotiate some sort of resolution will do more harm than good.

So do yourself (and your self-esteem) a favor – no tears, no begging. No banging your head against the wall trying to get him to see things your way and from your perspective. No fights or arguments. If he’s heading for the door, open it WIDE for him. Go black-out, midnight, not even a night-light DARK. Stay away from him. And use the time to resolve that you don’t deserve someone who is willing to throw you aside. Do this and chances are good he will indeed eventually come around. But if (and when) he does, will you really want him anymore? Hmmmm.

I like to think of the whole “guy pull-back” thing as a kind of dating physics. What’s that law of motion that Newton guy came up with? Oh, right, here it is… “To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction; or the forces of two bodies on each other are always equal and directed in opposite directions.” Those science buffs out there may think this is a crude analogy, but it’s one I can wrap my brain around and picture in my head. Here’s how it works out: He pulls back, you pull back. He moves away from you, you move away from him. It’s simple, really. But here’s what Isaac Newton didn’t anticipate (at least when it comes to HUMAN bodies): Responding to his pull-back with an equal pull-back yourself will almost always cause another reaction – he will once again move toward you.

Source by Jenn X Clark

Love Your Liver And Live a Longer Life!

When working well, your liver receives and filters 3 pints of blood a minute! A healthy liver removes these things from your bloodstream:

  • Dead and unhealthy cells
  • Micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi and parasites
  • Toxic environmental chemicals
  • Cancer cells
  • Globules of fat known as chylomicrons

Filtered blood from your liver flows to the right side of your heart, ready to be pumped all over your body. Poorly filtered blood full of unhealthy fats and toxins can damage your heart and your immune system and cause you to age more rapidly.

When your liver malfunctions, the consequences can range from mild symptoms of sluggish liver, to life threatening conditions.

Symptoms Of Sluggish Liver Function

These are many and varied.

· Hormonal disturbances, menstrual problems, testicular problems, breast swelling.

· Food allergies and sensitivities

· Digestive problems such as burping, gas, bloating, pain.

· Skin problems such as itchiness, rashes, eczema, psoriasis.

· Chemical sensitivities (such as reactions to soaps, detergents, cosmetics etc)

· Sleep difficulties

· Eye problems (sore, gritty eyes, vision difficulties, eye twitches)

· Problems with tendons and muscles (delayed healing, frequent injury)

· Headaches – especially pain at the top of your head and headaches that throb. Gall bladder related headaches are usually over your right eye, at your temples or on one side of your head.

· Irritability, anger, aggression, depression

Meet Your Gall Bladder!

When healthy, your liver produces 1 to 1.5 quarts of bile every day. The bile travels through ducts in your liver and collects in a muscular sac – your gall bladder – ready to be squirted into your small intestine after you have eaten fat or protein containing food. When stones, fats and cholesterol clog your liver and / or gall bladder you can produce less than a cup of bile daily. If the gall bladder becomes full of stones / gravel, you start to develop symptoms of gall bladder disease and even feel pain (gall bladder colic).

Bile Flow and Your Health

Bile is a viscous yellow, brown or green fluid and has three main functions in your body.

  • It acts as a strong antioxidant that helps to remove toxins from the liver.
  • It emulsifies fats that you eat so that they can be digested.
  • It de-acidifies and cleanses your small intestine.

Insufficient bile output means that many foods you eat remain partially or completely un-digested. Poor fat absorption can lead to poor calcium and fat soluble vitamin absorption. Deficiencies in these nutrients can lead to nervous system disorders, dry skin, peeling skin on the soles of your feet and weak flaky nails.

A bile-deficient stool is tan, orange-yellow or pale clay instead of the normal greenish-brown colour. Un-digested fat causes your stool to float.

Healthy bile that flows easily is a sign of healthy liver and gall bladder activity. Good bile production and flow is critical to your body's detoxification process.

Fatty Liver – An Emerging Epidemic

In the Medical Observer Journal, July 2004, is an article titled "Non alcoholic fatty liver disease is the new epidemic of liver disease facing the western world". Before the 1990's fatty liver disease was mainly seen in alcoholics and was rare in children.

Today fatty liver is recognized as the most common cause of abnormal liver function tests in the UK, US and Australia. It is easily diagnosed with an ultrasound scan and blood tests to check liver enzymes. The enzyme alanine amino transferase (ALT) is usually too high, which indicates liver inflammation.

A fatty liver is far from healthy – the liver cells and spaces that form the structure of the liver filter becomes swollen with fat so that they can not function efficiently. These days it is not generally caused by alcohol but instead is the result of abnormal dietary and lifestyle factors such as

  • Eating too much refined carbohydrate from sugar and refined grains
  • Eating too much processed food containing hydrogenated vegetable oils or deep fried foods
  • Lack of good quality protein
  • Diets low in antioxidants especially vitamin C and selenium
  • Diets low in unprocessed plant foods such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, peas, nuts, seeds, sprouts
  • Lack of exercise, especially with a high carbohydrate diet

Fatty liver often leads to obesity, diabetes and heart disease. In the USA, 2.6% of children have fatty liver, and some children need liver transplants because their fatty liver is so severe. 52% of obese children have some degree of fatty liver.

A healthy liver helps you to lose weight

If your liver is clogged and fatty, weight loss is difficult and slow even on a good eating plan. Your body needs to remove fat from your liver before it can break down other fat deposits. Once your liver is rejuvenated and detoxified, weight loss is easier and better still – the weight stays off!

Proven strategies to protect and repair your liver .

It's not hard to make slight changes to your diet and lifestyle – the liver responds well to nutritional medicine. Central to your liver regeneration program would be your diet.

  • Reduce carbohydrate intake – eat only un-processed carbohydrates such as brown rice, millet, whole grain pasta especially amaranth and quinoa pasta, natural whole grain bread that is dense and heavy (not the fluffy multi grain breads found in most supermarkets.
  • Avoid ALL sugar and refined grains and all processed foods containing sugar
  • Increase your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables, legumes and raw nuts and seeds.
  • Eat good quality protein regularly such as eggs, legumes, raw nuts and seeds – protein does not raise your blood sugar
  • Learn to like and drink fresh vegetable juices – such as a tasty mix of carrot, beetroot, celery, spinach, parsley, apple, ginger and lemon.
  • Take rice bran / psyllium husk daily to help reduce high cholesterol levels
  • Take good quality liver tonic supplements such as St Mary's Thistle, B vitamins, taurine, dandelion root, globe artichoke, lecithin, green barley and wheat grass powders, beetroot powder, vitamin C and selenium

Your liver can and will repair itself and grow new healthy liver cells and you can reverse fatty damage to your liver – and enjoy a longer, healthier life!

Recommended reading: The Liver Cleansing Diet by Dr Sandra Cabot


Source by Elspeth M Taimre

Does My Ex Still Love Me Quiz – Find Out Now!

Does my exboyfriend or exgirlfriend still have feelings for me?

It’s the first thing you ask yourself before making that major decision: do I fight for the relationship or do I let it go?  When your ex breaks things off and you still think the romance has a shot at working?  Knowing exactly how your ex still feels about you can go a long way toward winning them back.  The following quiz can help you figure out just how much of an attachment is still there, but also be sure to check out the Full 18 Question Version of the infamous Does My Ex Still Love Me Quiz

How Did Your Ex Break Up With You?

a) Your ex said “We need some time apart”
b) Your ex told you “I don’t think we’re really compatible”
c) Your ex gave the line “We fight too much and I can’t deal with it anymore”
d) Your ex suggested “We’d probably be better off with other people”

Answer A) Anytime your ex asks for some time apart, he or she probably wants a break instead of a break up.  Although they could just be letting you down easy, it’s far more common that your ex wants to see what else is out there… while you wait around patiently waiting for them to return.  Don’t let them place you into this role.  When your ex ends the relationship – even temporarily – by asking for some time apart, let them know you think it’s a great idea!  Then walk away and break all contact, and see how fast your ex comes running back to you.

Answer B) Whenever an ex tells you you’re not compatible, they’re fishing for your opinion on the subject.  They’re also trying to get you to change.  Your ex’s goal may be a short, temporary break up in which you get scared, promise to change, and then he or she lovingly takes you back with these new stipulations.  You should Never promise to change yourself for anyone – especially a boyfriend or girlfriend.  Your ex fell in love with you for who you are… be that person, and you’ll never have to pretend.  If you take nothing else away from the does my ex still love me quiz, take that one lesson.

Answer C) When your ex lists excessive fighting as an excuse to break up with you, it’s actually a great sign.   Does your ex still love you?  In all likelihood yes, but they’re not in love with the conflict that your relationship brings.  Fixing the conflict can bring you closer together, and can actually make your relationship stronger than ever before.  Before apologizing for anything, make sure some of the fights are actually your fault.  Seek out the reasons why you fight so much, and if they’re petty?  Try to forget them.  Immaturity, jealousy, and pettiness are the cause of 95% of relationship fights.  Money generally makes up the rest of them.

Answer D) Did your ex tell you he or she wanted to see other people?  If so, this may have been a longstanding issue.  This quiz is helpful in identifying that your ex could be ready to jump into a rebound relationship… one which probably won’t last more than a few weeks.  Stopping your ex from seeing this new person may be difficult or impossible, but getting them back won’t be.  Regardless of whether or not your ex gets involved in a new romance, there will be ways of tugging on your ex’s emotional bonds to you in ways that will send he or she crawling back to you.  Learning the right instant reversal methods are key.

Describe the Contact You’ve Had With Your Ex Since The Break Up?

a) My ex hasn’t contacted me yet.
b) I called or left a message for my ex first, and they responded
c) My ex called the next day to see how I was
d) It took a few weeks, and then my ex contacted me

Answer A) No contact isn’t necessarily bad, depending upon how long it’s been since the break up.  Spending time apart without any communication can give you the valuable advantage of allowing your ex time to miss you, and this is a critical part of making your ex want you again.  If it’s been more than 5 or 6 weeks since you haven’t seen or talked to each other?  Better get working on some reconnection techniques.

Answer B) Calling your ex first is never a good idea, because he or she will feel like you’re chasing them.  Breaking up with you was a tough decision, and by hounding your ex immediately after the break up you’re actually being defiant of their choice.  Chill out, take a deep breath, and realize that winning an ex back doesn’t happen all at once.  Having patience now will help make your future moves much more effective.

Answer C) An ex who calls you immediately after the break up is showing big signs of interest.  They also may be having second thoughts about the decision to break up.  Unless your ex is only phoning you to ask when he or she can pick up their stuff, this is generally a good sign that your ex still loves you.

Answer D) When your ex waits a while before getting back in touch with you, it’s almost the best possible sign you can get.  This means that your ex already misses you, and has been thinking about you unprompted.  They’re reaching out to find out whether or not you’ve moved on, and to see if you’re available for a reconciliation.  Although your ex may not come out and say these things when he or she first calls, they’re definitely considering the emotional bonds of love and affection that you had when you were still together.  Memories are powerful, and in this case they’ve driven your ex to contact you again.