Apology Letters for Cheating: What to Avoid

When writing an apology letter for cheating, it’s very important that you follow specific guidelines to create a winning and sympathetic perspective. Using these guidelines means not only that your letter will be read, but it will serve your purposes effectively. Furthermore, using such guidelines ensures that your letter will not contribute to unneccessary pain on the part of your recipient or yourself.

An apology letter for cheating should be devoid of details of your affair, discussion of the third party in all of this, etc. If you are indeed hoping for reconciliation, the last thing you want to bring up in a letter is the person involved in your affair. If you do get a reconciliation, this person/affair should be discussed at the desire of the cheatee. Furthermore, be aware that if you do want to resurrect your relationship with your stilted partner, this means killing the one you had with that third party. And I do mean ‘killing.’ No phone calls, no coffee, no nothing.

Granted, upon reading this and beginning your letter, it’s very likely that you may be feeling a bit of ennui. Cheating in relationships is an emotionally draining and heart-breaking experience for everyone involved, and it’s natural that you may feel extreme guilt/sadness/what have you. However, take heart. At very least, you can learn from your experience. Understand that millions of couples cheat and while it may be a less than admirable position to be in, regardless of your outcome, there is life after cheating.

Psychological Manipulation Techniques: 3 Awful Things People Do To Manipulate Others

In this day and age, battles are not only waged on a battlefield. They are also waged inside your mind. Through psychological manipulation techniques, your enemies can actually assert some sort of control over you.

However, you are not rendered completely powerless. There are different ways of countering these psychological manipulation techniques. The first step is awareness. Read about how your enemies operate so that you can better protect yourself in the future.

Psychological Manipulation Technique # 1: Emotional Blackmailing

Emotional blackmail is one of the most used manipulation techniques in this new war. But how does this work exactly?

Well, a lot of people succumb to this trick because they feel as if they have no choice. Sentences like “Don’t you care about the company?” or “If you really want to be my friend, you would do this for me” usually force them to make decisions they don’t really want to.

To avoid being played with, you will have to develop a stronger sense of self. Know who you are, what your responsibilities involve, and who your real friends are. Blackmailers tend to stay away from people with strong and solid personalities.

Psychological Manipulation Technique # 2: Focusing On The Negative Sides

Some people just like to put a damper on your brilliant idea by spitting out all the things that could go wrong with it. These people are no longer offering critique. And these people will usually raise questions that will raise doubts in you.

For example, you announce that you are thinking of flying to London for a week-long vacation. People using psychological manipulation will most likely react to your news by stating the danger of flying or the number of negative things awaiting you at the airport.

These remarks are not to be taken seriously. Brush them off lightly or ignore such reactions altogether.

Psychological Manipulation Technique # 3: Teenage Rebellion

Sadly, even those way past their teenage years like to act out as a response against your decision or whatever it is you have just told them.

For example, you want to move out of your home to live independently. At first, everyone seems to be fine with it. But just as you start hunting for that perfect apartment, things just start happening one after another. Some sort of personal crisis occurs in the family, your mother suddenly starts smoking again, etc. Adults who engage in teenage rebellion should know better.

The easiest way to deal with this is to tell them that their efforts are futile and go on doing what you intend to accomplish.

Psychological manipulation techniques may be all over your life; but that doesn’t mean you have to give in to them. With this article, you are now more equipped to handle different manipulative situations.

Marriage Compatibility Test

Brace yourself. I’m about to yell at you! Why do you want to take a marriage compatibility test? Don’t you have enough problems without looking for areas of incompatibility?

OK, I’ll play along and give you a test… then a lecture.

Question 1: Are you currently married?

Question 2: Do you have children?

Question 3: Do you wish to have a very happy marriage?

Question 4: Can your spouse answer the same way you did?

If you have answered yes to at least two out of the four questions you are not only compatible but you have the ability to have the happiest marriage on Earth.

Compatibility is a misleading word, my friends. I have a cat (ok, my daughter has a cat). I love my Tina. Don’t ask me why. My cat and I are not compatible except for when I feed her or brush her (most of the time). Otherwise she never does what I want to do unless it was her idea. She doesn’t think like I do and she has no respect for me. But I love her and I’m keeping her… even if we get a dog later!

You got married for reasons that no longer matter. Some couples I met with told me they were not in love when they got married; doesn’t matter. They still had a great marriage once they learned what marriage is all about.

Here are some more questions:

Question 5: Are you able to feel love?

Question 6: Are you able to tell right from wrong?

Question 7: Would you like to stop suffering?

Question 8: Do you think your spouse answered 5-7 the same as you?

If you answered questions 5-8 with “yes,” you and your spouse are compatible. What is more important than compatibility in the areas of emotions, politics, or activity levels is your willingness to respect your spouse for who they are and be loyal to them because you are married to them (like you promised when you got married). When you understand the correct principles of marriage, you will have an amazing marriage and you will be happy. More importantly, your children will be safe from the trauma of separation and divorce. Ok, one more question:

Question 9: Do you really believe your children will be fine if you and your spouse agree to destroy their foundation of security?

If you answered yes to question 9 you have been duped by a psychological doctrine that is insane at best. You need to do what it takes to get your marriage into happiness. I don’t use the term “back on track” because most marriages never were on a good track to begin with. You don’t need to suffer anymore. Learn how to have a happy marriage, which is as easy as learning which way to turn the jar lid to get it off and start having a happy marriage. You deserve it and you should have it as soon as possible.

Now, that wasn’t too harsh, was it?

Paul Friedman

Author of Lessons for A Happy Marriage

Is Selfishness Healthy?

Wouldn’t you agree that we are all selfish to some degree? Many equate selfishness with self-preservation. But those who are seeking a higher spiritual existence or improved emotional health should analyze selfishness and its root causes carefully.

When we are concerned primarily with our own interests and benefits regardless of others, we are being selfish. Selfishness means that we serve our own pleasure regardless of how our actions affect others. The opposite of selfishness is altruism, which is the self-less concern for the welfare of others.

A selfish person doesn’t have room in their thoughts or considerations for others. They are completely self-absorbed. To be self-absorbed is to have tunnel vision on yourself and your own personal needs. In short, a selfish person’s entire world is completely about themselves. They don’t have the ability to imagine the thoughts and feelings of others. They have little or no ability to empathize.

A selfish person feels overly entitled to have their idea of a “perfect” life. They crave attention and have a need to be seen and heard more than anyone else. They become oblivious to what others need or say.

Selfish people are like children in that they have not yet learned to balance giving with taking. They view others only as a means to get what they want. And they demonstrate drastic mood swings related to whether they get their way or not. There’s elation when they “win” and despair and arrogance when their demands are not met.

Selfish people become threatened when attention is paid to others. They have difficulty letting other people win, get accolades, or be admired. They can not listen to someone’s opinions, stories, or advice without turning it back to themselves. They are not truly sincere when they wish someone else success.

Selfish people have a need for control and are not willing to reach compromises with others. When they need something they’re willing to trample over others to make sure they get it. Cutting in line, storming into a room unannounced, or having a temper tantrum are a few of the many types of selfish behaviors one can exhibit.

Let’s be clear about what selfishness is not. It’s not self-promotion, self-respect, self-admiration, self-esteem, or self-love. These terms describe behavior that most of us consider healthy, productive, and not harmful to others.

Why are selfish people selfish? The answer is that they feel deprived of something. This deprivation may exist in either their consciousness or in their subconscious mind. They believe that they got “the wrong end of the stick” and now someone (or everyone) owes them payback. There is a sense of entitlement and expectation that justifies their bad behavior.

The feeling of deprivation drives the selfish to behave in ways that they believe will insure the end of deprivation. To others, their behavior could be described as arrogance. The roots of selfishness usually come from unhealthy or negative childhood experiences that shape our thought patterns.

For example, children of divorced parents can become selfish because they find the love of a missing parent only through the gifts that they receive from them. So they make demands of the parent to substitute for the parent’s time and attention. The child may discover that their demands are met, and so they learn that they can easily manipulate the parent.

Do you recognize some or many of the characteristics of selfishness in yourself? If so, you have accomplished a very important first step with that simple recognition. Each of us must take responsibility for our inner motivations and external behaviors. We are living a healthy and full life only when we are able to consider what’s truly best for others, instead of how others can be of benefit to us.

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Learn How to Tell If a Guy Likes You For Who You Are

One of the most important questions you may have is to know if a guy likes you for who you are or are there other reasons. You can try some test to see how he reacts to you. If he really loves you for who you are you will be able to tell. He will let you know will subtle things that he will do.

Find the Secrets to: Make Him Love You

You need to pay attention to the little things that he does. Does he call you first without you prompting him.

Learn Awesome: Lovemaking Secrets

How many times does he say I love you? Do you find yourself trying to get a hold of him because he seems to never answer his phone.

Do you find that he always makes excuses to be together? this can be a sign that he is not in to you. Many guys will only want to be together on there terms and this should be avoided.

When you are together with him does he pay attention to you or is he mostly pre occupied? You need to listen to what he says to see if he is saying it because it sounds good or if he is sincere.

One thing that a guy who is into you will want you to meet his family and be together with you at holiday time.

You need to talk with him and see if he sees you in his long term goals. Does he talk about things that he wants you and him to do? Pay attention to the small things can help you a lot.

How to Get Your Ex Wife Back When She Has Another Boyfriend

Some people move on quickly after a divorce. Others are not so sure that the divorce is for the best so they wait. Second thoughts, especially if you are not the one to initiate the divorce, might have you wanting to know how to get your ex-wife back.

This can be a challenge under any circumstance but getting your ex-wife back after she has already found another boyfriend can be particularly challenging.

The new relationship she has with this other person is going to be new and exciting and more fun for her than thinking about someone like you that she’s been with for a long time. What she may have forgotten but we all know is that this newness and excitement will wear off; then she’s left with the real person underneath.

For a time, she will be flattered, complemented and spoiled and this can be difficult to compete against. What you want to do is take advantage of what you have that he doesn’t; a history with her.

Sure, I know, some of that history, especially the recent history, is not the best. Yet a lot of it is memorable in a positive way and even nostalgic.

On top of that, you know a lot more about your ex wife than he does. Take advantage of the fact that you know what she likes and doesn’t like. You know what her hot buttons are and how to avoid making her angry; although you may need practice at actually doing that!

One key is to act happy and positive anytime you might be around her. Treat her with respect and favorably and leave the door open to her treating you favorably also. One thing you want to make sure not to do is to act or appear desperate in any way. That is not attractive.

When she sees you happy and confident she is more likely to remember the good times you both had and probably even start to miss them. Let her know that you would love to give your relationship another try but you understand that she has moved on and that’s okay.

This will certainly give her something to think about, possibly even leave her a little confused and wonder if you are moving on also. This puts the mystery and even a little excitement in any thoughts she might have toward you.

If you have not done so already you may even start dating some other women. If she knows about it, all the better. We will take advantage of a little jealousy too. It will be to your advantage to be seen as somewhat unavailable.

Do try to arrange for your paths to cross occasionally, especially when things are going well. Make it appear normal, and certainly do not make it happen so often as to appear like you’re stalking her; that is definitely not what you want.

Remember you also have to win over her friends, family and anyone in her circle of influence. Make sure they have reasons to like you and subtly remind them of your good points with your actions.

If you have treated someone in that circle badly in the past you may try to make amends and patch up those relationships while you’re at it. Those contacts can be of great value in getting your ex-wife back especially if she has another boyfriend.

You have your work cut out for you, but if you really think it is to both of your advantage to get back together then by all means make every effort. Enlist the help of others who might be close enough to the situation to know how to get your ex-wife back.

Other techniques that vastly improve your chances of success can be found at our website. The address is http://www.RelationshipAdviceHelp.com.


Ryder Cup 2016: US face pressure test as Darren Clarke backs young team – The Guardian

For all that the Ryder Cup involves two sides, it is difficult to deviate from the notion that the narrative of this, the 41st playing of the event, focuses mainly on one.

The desire of the United States to end a dismal run against Europe has taken them from one luminary, Tom Watson, to a taskforce and renaissance man in the form of Davis Love III. The US wildcard process has been modified, Tiger Woods has completed a journey of full circle from Ryder Cup indifference to the heart of the backroom team and an already fevered scenario has been ramped up even further. One is left to wonder what on earth the Americans will do if they have not wrestled back the Ryder Cup when time is called at Hazeltine next Sunday. Abandon all hope, perhaps.

US favouritism may be merited on the basis they have, on paper, the stronger team. They are also at home, but determination can become desperation pretty easily and to a team’s detriment. The involvement of Woods and Phil Mickelson may present Love with an issue over strong personalities above whom he should, in theory, exert authority. One glance at US preparations reveals a seriousness that has so often proved their undoing.

The Europeans have no need whatsoever to modify a team approach that has returned the Ryder Cup three times in succession. In Rory McIlroy, Justin Rose, Henrik Stenson, Martin Kaymer and Sergio García they have a formidable backbone. Lee Westwood would cherish celebrating his 10th appearance with yet another win. For all the fresh-faced nature of the European contingent has been heavily played upon, there is a natural team evolution that need not necessarily be harmful. One of Darren Clarke’s rookies, Danny Willett, is the Masters champion.

“It’s unquestionable that it’s going to be a very, very big task ahead of us,” Clarke said. “Davis’s team is also shaping up very, very strongly. But with this team, those guys have earned their right to be on the team. They have embraced the challenge. They have got on there and they are world-class players in their own right.

“With adding Thomas Pieters to that list, there are six rookies there, but with the talent that they all possess, I’ve got no worries at all about the strength of that team going to America. I’m proud of that team. It’s a team that’s going to go there and do everything we possibly can to bring that trophy back home again.”

The fearsome length of Hazeltine – it can stretch to 7,600 yards – will only have been intensified by the deluge of rain that has battered that corner of Minnesota in recent days. Still, it would be curious if Love insisted upon the venue playing at its full distance. A slog fest appeals to nobody; birdie and eagle putts to win holes provide enduring Ryder Cup memories.

Davis Love III

Davis Love III’s dealings with strong figures such as Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson will come under scrutiny. Photograph: Bill Ingram/AP

“If we don’t win, if Europe doesn’t win, Darren and I are going to have a lot of explaining to do,” said Love. “That’s part of it. But we’re used to the pressure. We’re used to wins and losses. One thing [the sport psychologist] Bob Rotella told me: if you’re going to base your happiness on winning and losing, golf is not a good sport to be in because you’re going to lose a lot. Tiger Woods has won more than anybody but he’s lost a lot of tournaments.

“But we enjoy the challenge and we love being on the stage and you’ve got to take the wins with the losses. I certainly hope that these 12 guys understand that this is their team. It’s not about me. I’m not playing. Tiger Woods is not playing.”

Mickelson is and, coincidentally, the USA’s horror shows have matched the left-hander’s involvement. Mickelson first featured in the Ryder Cup of 1995; in 10 appearances, the USA has won twice. Two years ago Mickelson’s public trashing of Watson provided an epic Gleneagles denouement. But here is the crunch; having been so outspoken and taken on increased prominence thereafter, Mickelson has a pressure of his own to deliver.

Since announcing his captain’s picks in late August, Clarke has been absent from the public eye. A perfectionist to the point of obsession on occasion – there is no chance whatsoever of a Medinah/Rory McIlroy-esque timing issue at Hazeltine – Clarke will leave nothing to chance. By his own admission, though, the challenge is a formidable one, not least because the next European captain who does not continue a run of glory will automatically be criticised.

There is logic behind bookmakers having a fancy for the US. There is considerably more in the sense that such an outcome would benefit the Ryder Cup as a whole. Nonetheless, recent history has served valuable lessons; they all intensify focus on Love and his players. Three intense days will tell whether or not Europe can quietly benefit from that.

Four Hot Signs Of Attraction

In today’s society, beauty, physical attraction, and sexuality are all commonly misunderstood as some transcendent inevitable fact; falsely interlocking the three makes it seem doubly true that in order to initiate attraction between a man and a woman, both sexes should be beautiful to be sexual.

That of course is not true at all. The definitions of beautiful, attraction, and sexual constantly change to serve the social order, and the connection between the three ideas is a recent invention.

Some psychologists contend that the disparity among the concepts of beauty, attractions, and sexuality is based on the premise that both sexes are inclined to physical or sexual attraction because women are able to view men just as men view women, as subjects for sexual and aesthetic evaluation.

In a survey conducted by an “evolutionary psychologist,” from 10,000 individuals who were interviewed, it was found out that men have high-regards to physical attraction in their budding sexual mates, while women attach importance to prominence, goals, and monetary sources.

No wonder why most cases of attraction are all based on sexuality and physical attributes. This is because men and women would rather have their significant others physically and sexually capable of giving them their necessities.

For instance, men are attracted to women who look good because this indicates excellent vigor and the capacity to produce offspring babies. On the other hand, women are attracted to men who look good because this indicates abundance in financial resources, in which, the ability to provide the basic necessities to their children is generated.

The point here is that both men and women may have their own basis for attraction but everything is generally focused on the physical and material aspects. This is because attraction is associated with the fact that the physical attributes motivate that part of the brain known as the “hypothalamus” that will produce different kinds of reactions from the body such as sexual arousal, increased heart rate, and perspiration.

So the question now is: How can the individual identify the clear signs of attraction?

There are many probable actions that might suggest attraction. However, the real signs include but not limited to the following:

1. Visual contact

This is when both a man and a woman gazed upon each other and instantly prolonged the moment as they look at each other longer than the typical glance.

Both are completely immersed on each other’s anecdote, and every word will impress them both. All eyes are glued to each other that send a message that they are drawn to each other.

2. Preen

Preening means to adorn oneself carefully or to groom oneself with particular attention to details. Hence, attraction sets in when both would try to instantly make a quick fix and conquer each other’s space.

3. Flirting

Teasing could have been the more appropriate term for it. This is when both sexes converse in a relaxed manner, with bodily actions associated to their thoughts and feelings, where, most often than not, sexual tensions and arousal are the primary upshots.

4. Physical contact

This is when a woman leans to wards the man and places a modest hand on his hand or arm. In this way, the woman is trying to tell the other person that she is attracted to him and that she is open to possibilities that involve the concerned person.

All of these things are boiled down to the fact that the asymmetry of the correlation among beauty, attraction, and sexuality that tells both men and women lies on how they both perceive each other’s physical attributes. This is inevitable because the lack of it will definitely keep them sexually estranged.

Attraction is generally focused on imagery that is exclusively on the physical attributes of both men and women, where the society has created a very important role. This goes to show that the signs of attraction indicate the clear identification of desirability.

Given all that, both men and women should make the choice, by and large, to take each other as human beings first and not just mere sexual objects.

It should be well noted that these signs of attraction may be well confined on the premise that both men and women send out these signs as a ticket to conquer each other’s space so as to start the “getting-to-know-each-other” stage.

Love Affair With Bipolar Disorder Patient – 10 Tips To Make It Rewarding

When you give a bipolar disorder person unconditional love, it
can be a tough task. It is never simple for them to express the love
they have so they will shun you away.

It not easy for those shunned to loan a hand to those who may think highly of themselves. Yet, it is never uncomplicated to care
for and appreciate someone who has been diagnosed with this
illness, someone who has muddled thoughts and manners.
What people need to do is get an in-depth understanding of the
illness. Learn what is happening to the one you love or you
won’t understand what it is they are going through.

After going through the understanding and getting
associations with the illness, it should be time to work out a
plan that should help you work out any problems.

First, recognize the symptoms of the disease.

This is not your fault. How your loved one became inflicted with
the illness to the way he or she acts is never your fault.
He or she will not have control over their actions. This may be
especially hard when it comes to parents to understand
particularly when young children are diagnosed.

1. Learn to distinguish the indicators of the disorder. Does the person
have sleeping problems?

2. Monitor his disposition, his actions and responses to people. Write it
down so you know when and where it occurred.

3. Do not be mortified by the disease especially when the
symptoms of it are showing.

4. Do not assume the disorder as a humiliation on your part. When you love someone, it means you love them despite the illness. You see past it. It’s not an illness that can be cured and then reappears. It is omnipresent and treating it like so is better for the loved one. Remember the disease can be extravagance, just not cured.

5. If you feel ashamed because of the infliction, then you are not helping him restore good health and letting him be worse than he is. Build the trust up! Trust is a big part of getting used to the disorder. They want you to conviction them and not send them to others for them to trust or be entrusted too.

6. Sometimes it seems you won’t be able to love your loved one and
it would be tempting to call the doctor or the police because you no longer want to care for them. Never say the words where they can hear them. It does more harm than good and it is bound to aggravate the situation even more.

7. Have communication lines open and honest. Always keep it open
and have an ear pulled out for them when they want to talk.
Once you acknowledge the symptoms, ask yourself what you can do to help Despite what good ways may seem like helping may not
actually be. This is where communication is good.

8. Do not suppress how you feel. There are positive ways to tell the person how you feel without making them feel bad. Avoid niggling, preaching or lectures since negative actions can cause them to detach from you. Encourage him in a positive manner and making him realize that there is a rainbow at the end of the darkness. Basically, be gently and reassuring.

9. Do not serve your loved one because it can suppress what he or
she can do. Let him think of solutions to the problems he sees
himself. Let him live his own way. He will feel better about himself if he does.

10. Above all else… give him or her your love, understanding and